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We thank you for kind interest in our facility and extend our welcome to our pages.

dermaClinica had been conceived as an answer to unfortunate and ever deteriorating aspect of medical care in Bosnia. Our primar goal had been to offer competitive and up to date medical care in field of dermatovenerology with patient tailored service. Intent was to offer all in one diagnostic and treatment of diseases in field of dermatology, venerology and allergology.

For that reason, we are particularily proud and boast our diagnostics department lead by prof. Naima Arslanagic, only Professor of dermatovenerology in Bosnia ( more than half a dozen published books in field of dermatovenerology), regionally renowned expert (more than 100 regionally published papers), person of unquestionable reputation and integrity, teacher of allmost all dermatovenerologists in FBiH ( author of official dermatovenerology teaching textbook) and a president of  dermatovenerology association of f.B i H

In time, we have outgrown our intentions and today offer sevices in dermatocosmetology, aesthetics, dermatosurgery and minor aesthetic surgery.

In dermaCilnica,we are home  to cut edge technologies such as lasers (AFT laser, IPL laser, KTP.LBO laser), range of Arasys inch loss and Arasys Perfector  treatments (please inform on google and youtube),radiofrequency generating machines, dermatological ultrasound, mesotherapy, dermablasting, dermabrasion, dermal scanner, digital and optic dermatoscopy and so on.

All our equipment is from  trusted manufacturers, properly maintained, approved for use by FDA for given indications.

Our staff is competent, kind and proficient in languages. We offer surgical, internist and patohistologist consult and referral.

Our procedures are effective, science based and safe.

We are almost certain that, whatever your need is in dermatovenerology, allergology, immunology, dermatocosmetology, aesthetics or minor surgery, you will be able to find solution in dermaClinica. It is our mission to continue developing this field and continue introducing new techniques and technologies.

After all, we are the SKIN AUTHORITY.

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